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Universal Soldier: Regeneration-Hybridizing Van Damme and Modern Warfare

Posted in Harrison Gish, Review with tags , , on May 8, 2010 by hgish

As a general rule, I will like any film that has the word “regeneration” as a subtitle.  Be it a zombie movie, a political thriller, or, as is the case with Universal Soldier: Regeneration, an action film as heavily influenced by Modern Warfare 2 as it is by Eastern Europe paranoia, I’ll probably get my jollies.  Add an over-the-hill Jean-Claude Van Damme and an over-the-hill-and-into-the-chasm Dolph Lundgren, revisiting an action “franchise” they roundhouse-kick started back in the early nineties, and the appeal only grows.  Throw in a dash of some of the most visually-striking cinematography ever included in a straight-to-video action film, courtesy of the accomplished Peter Hyams, and superior fight choreography, and I’ll start exaggerating the movie’s importance to my friends. Continue reading


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