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Breast plates and other acts of desperation: Thor 3

Posted in Review, Samuel C. Doob with tags , , on June 2, 2011 by sdoob

My friend put it well: “What’s the story?”  A very film school question, to be sure, but it’s a good point.  Here it is:

Thor’s dad, Anthony Hopkins, banishes Thor to earth because Thor’s being a dick.  Thor continues to be a dick when he meets Natalie Portman and her sister (?) Kat Dennings and her father (?) Stellan Skarsgård in New Mexico.  Dad also throws Thor’s big hammer down to earth – a hammer with a magic adjustable handle.  Thor decides to go get it, which takes up more scenes than one, a poor choice.  After beating up a bunch of dudes in the rain, he tries to pull the hammer out of the ground where it’s stuck, but he can’t.  Deflated, Thor is captured and taken to a spacious and well-lit holding cell.   Continue reading


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