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Fast Cars and Arepas: Furious 7

Posted in Review with tags on April 26, 2015 by sdoob

Review by Sam Doob 

First of all, I have a friend who does an entire podcast about this franchise. It’s called “No One Likes The Tuna.” So you might want to go there if you want to hear about this movie in further detail. Because I’m going to make this brief.

I ate arepas before the movie. Then the theater smelled like feet.

Furious 7 had a credit sequence so weary of the modern day attention span that dozens of people were dead and blown up before we even knew who the casting director was. Patience is a virtue. And as Vin Diesel says — I’m paraphrasing now — “It’s not just about being fast anymore.” But the movie’s editorial staff could not take Vin Diesel’s advice and the result was like a shitty babysitter who races through the bedtime story when maybe the kid wants to examine the pictures a while before turning the page. Continue reading

Drunken Playboy in the Military-Industrial Complex: Iron Man 2

Posted in Review with tags , , , on May 18, 2010 by Timothy Parfitt

Mickey Rouke in full method mode

I liked the first Iron Man for its offhandedness.  I guess it is too much to expect a sequel (by design a safe bet on the part of the studio) to rely on improvised dialogue.  Iron Man 2 tries mightily to deliver the goods, with action to spare and Robert Downey Jr. and co firing off jokes at a mile a minute. Continue reading

One for: Green Zone

Posted in "One for...", Review, Timothy Parfitt with tags , , , , , on April 28, 2010 by Timothy Parfitt

Yesterday, I was called for jury duty, but was let out early, allowing me to sneak in a matinee of Paul Greengrass’ Green Zone.  I love going to matinees, which still carry the allure of playing hookie.  At this particular showing, I was alone in the audience.  When the middle-aged theater employee surveyed the near-empty house and said “Enjoy your movie,” I felt like an eccentric millionaire who demands private, mid-afternoon screenings of earnest Matt Damon films.

On to the movie: Continue reading

Kick-Ass: Should have been titled “Lick-Cock”

Posted in JAGP, Review with tags , on April 24, 2010 by Jared Parmenter

Yep, this is a movie about penises.  No matter what lengths the director goes to misdirect the audience with all the banality (read: derivative, Lifetime-appropriated teenage life narratives), the whole thing boils down to a disappointingly simplistic, pubescent fantasy.  Yes: that’s bold, italics, AND underlines you see there.
Continue reading

Your brain is past due: Repo Men

Posted in Review, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on March 17, 2010 by Timothy Parfitt

Repo Men is a film about hating your job, set in a dystopian future.  In that way, it wants to be “Office Space meets Blade Runner.”  Those films are classics; unfortunately, Repo Men is not. Continue reading

Inspritaional Carnage: John Woo’s Red Cliff

Posted in Festival/Event, Review with tags , , , , , on October 10, 2009 by Timothy Parfitt


Going into Friday night’s premiere of John Woo’s new period epic Red Cliff, I had mixed expectations.  Granted, Woo is one of the foremost action directors of my lifetime (see Harrison’s take on The Killer).  On the other hand, his last couple films geared towards American audiences unconditionally sucked.  Red Cliff  is a totally different affair.  Filmed in Mandarin, financed by the Chinese government and drawing from Chinese legend, Red Cliff feels liberated from the burdens of trying to please an American audience.  Its beatiful, it kicks ass, and yes, it has flying doves. Continue reading

New Classics: Die Hard and Silence of the Lambs

Posted in New Classic with tags , , , on October 5, 2009 by hgish


Die Hard 

No action movie from the 1980s is as heralded today as is John McTiernan’s 1988 film Die Hard.  When considering the competition (George P Cosmatos’ 1985 Rambo: First Blood Part II, James Cameron’s 1984 The Terminator), it becomes clear that what makes Die Hard so thrillingly exciting, so stunningly unique, is its accessibility.  Continue reading


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