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One for: Green Zone

Posted in "One for...", Review, Timothy Parfitt with tags , , , , , on April 28, 2010 by Timothy Parfitt

Yesterday, I was called for jury duty, but was let out early, allowing me to sneak in a matinee of Paul Greengrass’ Green Zone.  I love going to matinees, which still carry the allure of playing hookie.  At this particular showing, I was alone in the audience.  When the middle-aged theater employee surveyed the near-empty house and said “Enjoy your movie,” I felt like an eccentric millionaire who demands private, mid-afternoon screenings of earnest Matt Damon films.

On to the movie: Continue reading

One for: the Crazies

Posted in "One for..." with tags , , , on March 9, 2010 by sdoob

The Crazies needed a Keanu Reeves type: someone to look worried for minutes on end only to crack a half-smile so easy and reassuring, it could only come from the mouth of a genuine movie star.  Timothy Olyphant as sheriff David Dutton is not blessed with this gift.  He is stiffer than most of the zombies he battles off.  Olyphant belongs in a Michael Mann movie or a shaving commercial.  Continue reading

One for: Law Abiding Citizen

Posted in "One for...", Review with tags , , , on December 16, 2009 by Timothy Parfitt

From the previews, Law Abiding Citizen looked horrible. Really, truly bad.  Perhaps the nothing-to-lose expectations of a person attending a movie they expect to be atrocious helped, but I liked it.  Somehow, both Jamie Foxx and Gerald Butler seem restrained, and the film chugs along, fueled by its B-movie moralities and bloody grandiosity. Continue reading

“One for ‘Big Fan'”

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I got really excited on the way to Big Fan.  I did not know, at the time, that the movie was directed Robert Siegal, writer of The Wrestler – a movie I enjoyed despite the parts I later found out were flooded with Jesus references.  I get a little tired of that shit.  (Watch the subway scene in Spider-Man 2.  Spider-Man is Jesus?  Come on.)   The starring performance is by Patton Oswalt whose voice I could not place.  It was so familiar though and thanks to the internet I found out he’s Remy, Star Rat in Ratatouille.  Conversely, thanks to Toy Story, whenever Tom Hanks yells dramatically in a movie (particularly when he parts with Wilson in Cast Away) I can only think of Woody.  Okay so getting to the point, I think this is the best way to write a review because I walked out.  I can’t ruin the ending.  Continue reading

“One for ‘Bedtime Stories'” by Samuel C. Doob

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I was in an extremely bad place when I saw Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler.  No dying grandmother; no loss of job.  It was just me.  Desperate to be in a movie theater inhaling popcorn, it was either BS or Marley and Me and I couldn’t see Marley and Me because I had promised to see it with my ex-girlfriend.  (We eventually did see it and it was bad and long and boring but this is not a Marley and Me review.)  BS surprised me.  I don’t want to give too much away; the ad campaign made it look like one thing and it’s not that bad – I’m referring to the magic stuff.  Keri Russell isn’t that annoying as the love interest.  The I’ll-never-agree-with-you-or-your-way-of-life routine with Sandler was pretty stock, but it works.  A romance subplot was unavoidable; what I’m saying is it could have been a lot worse.  Guy Pearce was great as the snotty hotel desk clerk – the story centers around a hotel – serving as Sandler’s nemesis.  Pearce is good in this; I just wish Priscilla Queen of the Desert stood the test of time.  The CGI gerbil wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I don’t know much about Russell Brand, the British comedian who looks like a stretched Robert Smith, but he was a pleasure in this: the comedic relief in a comedy.  Okay I just watched the trailer and now I’m ashamed I’m writing this review.  But I’ll stand by what I’ve said.  See Bedtime Stories, especially, of course, if you babysit.


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