3 shorts ones: Bridesmaids, Fast Five, Jumping the Broom


A fucking piece of shit.  I laughed more than I’d like to admit.  Nonetheless, a fucking piece of shit.  (Did not intend to write a poem there.)

Fast Five

Fell asleep during the first one.  Haven’t seen the other ones.  Enjoyable enough, but I would turn it off if it were on TV.

Jumping The Broom

Unbelievably fast paced.  The falling in love stuff at the beginning should be 250% longer.  But that’s also the worst part of the movie, so maybe that’s why.  There are so many charming characters and so many storylines that I was always entertained and engaged.  It’s a bad movie, no doubt about it, but totally enjoyable.  Better than most in theaters right now, save for Insidious.  Finally, the bride, Paula Patton, is unbearable, and her mother, Angela Bassett – well she just doesn’t have a fun part.

One Response to “3 shorts ones: Bridesmaids, Fast Five, Jumping the Broom”

  1. I loved Bridesmaids, haven’t seen Fast Five, and Jumping the Broom was atrocious b/c I hate Laz Alonso. He had no business in that film kissing like a wet dog or a vacuum cleaner. Either way, his kisses, the way he walks, runs, just everything about him, annoyed me. The bride, Paula, was bad but totally horrendous whenever in the frame as the awful Alonso. It was enjoyable for the supporting cast but if the leads had disappeared the film would have been better.

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