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Jack goes Boating

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So last night I went to this “sundance USA*” screening, for Jack goes Boating, this really mediocre movie directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman.  He wears a stupid wool cap for the first hour of the movie, only to reveal dreadlocks?  I guess it was a comedy.  The film follows two friends, both chaffeurs, as one finds a new romance, while the other watches his longterm relationship fall apart.  Hoffman said afterwards that him and his theatre company pals were doing it as a play, but everyone said the play was “cinematic” so they adapted it into a movie… Continue reading

Catch-up: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

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Why I had never heard of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? before last week, I don’t know.  But I loved it.  

Baby Jane is one of those rare films that feels fragile.  It could have so easily been an embarrassment for everyone involved – especially Bette Davis, but for the studio and director Robert Aldrich, as well. Like with Davis’ character, Baby Jane Hudson, it is sad to watch someone who believes in herself (or himself) be terrible at what they do.  However, the movie succeeds beautifully! only to blow it in the second half.  But it’s still worth watching, definitely.    Continue reading


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