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Sloppy Thirds: thoughts on Inglourious Basterds

Posted in Ruminations and Dedications with tags , , , on January 26, 2010 by Timothy Parfitt

There were two main reasons I avoided seeing Inglourious Basterds initially.  The first was that the film (along with Valkyrie*) seemed to belong to a recent batch of World War II movies whose historical accuracy was beyond suspect.  Hollywood has always bent people and events to its advantage, but usually in easily decodable ways.  Now we have nazi-scalping Jews and Tom Cruise valiantly trying to dethrone Hitler from within the SS.  Even as entertainment, don’t these films indirectly benefit the causes of historical revisionism?  The second reason… Continue reading

New Classic: Look Who’s Talking

Posted in New Classic with tags , , on January 26, 2010 by sdoob

First of all, don’t buy this at Wal-Mart.  It sucks.  The colors look like shit. 

Now, I’ll tell you why I love this movie: 

A.  It’s the only movie I’ve ever liked Travolta in, except when I was in denial about Pulp Fiction

B.  The soundtrack rocks me every time.

C. Kirstie Alley is a babe.  Especially in her aerobics outfit.  Continue reading


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