The Art of Scolding

Now that I have upgraded to a digital recorder and cable television, I still find myself gravitating towards network daytime, specifically Judge Judy.  Throughout the daytime spectrum, you can find a wide variety of hosts.  There are those, like Oprah and her spawn Dr. Oz, who sugarcoat their lifestyle pep talks with a lot of handholding.  Judy, however, is more my type.  She is the idiot assassin and her scoldings, ritualistic and funny, are the best thing on daytime.

For a good compilation of JJ’s various methods of attack, click here.

In life, most of us try to hold back when confronted with the urge to yell at a stranger, enlighten them to their shortcomings and their inability to grasp the interaction that brings you together.  That’s where Judge Judy acts on our behalf.  The details of the cases brought before her are less important than the verbal smack-down Judith Sheindlin dispenses like clockwork.  Her courtroom is a sort of Roman coliseum for the modern age, with sass and humiliation replacing death and lions.

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